Buyer Cellular Reviews on Advantages, Disadvantages, and Characteristics of the Service

Consumer Cellular is a cell phone service provider that was founded within the year 1995. This mobile phone service company is famous for offering low cost, simple services to US buyers. Among the highlights of the company which is praised in many Consumer Cellular reviews is its refund plan. A refund may be obtained by users who have not been pleased with the service, provided that they request for it within the first thirty days of getting the service. 30 minutes of free use is also being provided by the business for unsatisfied customers. Here is actually a succinct review about it, if you plan to become a Buyer Mobile subscriber.
There are a number of great elements that Consumer Cellular reviews prides itself on. For users of this unique cell phone service provider, the benefits they may be able to appreciate are:
Relatively low service rates
Seven different strategies (monthly basis) to select from
Support is provided through quite a few systems
No contracts
No credit checks

As for the pitfalls of utilizing Consumer Cellular, some of things you could expect are:
Quite expensive minutes in the Casual Strategies
Overage minutes are also rather costly
Strategies and Pricing

There are 7 different monthly plans that one may choose from when you select as your mobile phone service provider Consumer Cellular. The first plan costs $10 a month along with the minutes are at 25 cents each. The following prices $15 per month, which gives 150 minutes. The next is the $20 monthly program which provides 350 minutes. There is also, the $30 plan, which comes included with 750 minutes. You additionally have the option to get the strategy that comes with 1,500 minutes, for a cost of $40 per month. The $ 50 plan will get you 2000 minutes. Finally, the strategy which costs $ 60 will get 4 to you, 000 minutes.
There are three rates of data plans (wireless) being provided by Consumer Cellular. For $5, you'll get the 2MB program. For $10, you will receive the 15MB plan. In case you need more, you can select the 30MB plan, that will be priced at $20. Another characteristic could be the direct-dial international calling. The cost for this attribute is dependent upon which country you will call though. Roaming service is made available via this mobile phone service provider, at no additional cost. Other calling features you could benefit from are caller ID, 3-way calling, and call forwarding among many others.


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